A premier theatrical troupe based out of Bangalore, CARV started as a college club and has grown leaps and bounds to become one of the most successful performing arts groups in the region.

Established in 2001, we have performed english stageplays in every major competition across IITs, NITs and other BITS, among others.

Collateral Ventures

In January, 2019, four of our very own wrote and performed at the Alliance Francaise as part of the Loud Women Festival!

The very concept challenged us, as we had to perform for only a minute! But we came out shining, with not just one but two moving performances.

Poster of the ‘Loud Women Festival’
A Newspaper article on ‘Loud Women Festival’ featuring CARV’s talent within.

In 2018 we collaborated with
a major production house-
Barking Dog Productions, and
organized Bangalore’s Biggest
Inter college theatre festival
of the Short Play format-
Watch This Space“!

This association was a result
of Coliseum and our relationship with the theatre community.

Alumni Speak!

“CARV was a haven for me from the bustling college days. At its core, it was a theatre club which allowed people with a passion for this great art to express themselves in unimaginable ways and provided a platform to bring their ideas and visions to life. Any community reaches its heights because of the people, and CARV was always about the people. The people, the practices, the plays, and the roller-coaster of emotions from my four years in this club will be some of my favorite college memories that I will always love and cherish!”

– Adithya V

Adithya V

“CARV shall forever be a cherished and memorable part of my life, to say the least. Countless practices taught me that nothing is out of reach as long as there is an inclination to work hard, the various plays and characters that I have witnessed have taught me that innovation is perhaps the greatest gift to humankind and finally the wins and losses combined have taught me the value of leadership, compassion, and humility. The atmosphere in CARV is that of a strange planet, perhaps a one filled with aliens of a thespian origin who cannot fit in perfectly anywhere else, but together they form an unrivaled ecosystem. Here they thrive and accomplish miraculous feats. The club offers a platform where one can experience what it feels like to be a part of something bigger than yourself. I have had the honor to interact with some of the most talented, humble, and loving people that I have ever met. I have had the joy of being able to act on prestigious stages around the country. Last but not the least, I have had the privilege to make memories and friends that I shall cling to far into the future.”

– Soumadeep Basu

Soumadeep Basu

“CARV for me was an escape from any kind of rigor or monotony. It gave me the safe and healthy space to learn and grow as a person and build relationships that I could only realise after leaving. In spite of the odd practice hours and travel, once finished, I would always be looking forward to the next audition. Hell, even when I couldn’t commit to being on stage, it was a pleasure to spectate my seniors and peers perform. Before you even realise it, you have picked up on those little thespian skills that you had once admired in others and you have made memories that live far beyond four years.
CARV is wholesome.”

– Nikhil Thilak

Nikhil Thilak

“In a college like RV with busy schedules and never ending academics, my only solace was CARV. I’ve never been more at home than at that amphitheatre at the far end of the college, reading lines, doing voice exercises or just looking for a way to skip class. To summarize, CARV gives you the kind of fulfilment that would make you more than happy to get up on a cold sunday morning at 6 am to be part of yet another memorable play.”

– Arunachalam Suresh

Arunachalam Suresh

“When you graduate, CARV will be the only experience that you will remember RV by.”

– Bhargav Sanketi

Bhargav Sanketi

“Carv is more than just its plays, its actors, a practice session or the non stop drama. It’s a feeling, it’s a family. Nobody really likes waking up at 6:30 and going for practice but everyone in Carv always does it. It’s the dedication and loyalty to the group that makes it unique. You could be fighting with your director/actor but that would never affect your performance. No two practice sessions are the same and neither are two performances of the same play! It’s a love-hate relationship (with more love, don’t worry) that never leaves you. Be it tough choices or happy celebrations, this is where I’d want to be. I can never quantify my love and affection for the group that has occupied such a huge part of my heart, but I think that’s the beauty of it.”

– Shreya V Basu

Shreya V Basu