Coliseum is an Annual cultural display of the thespian arts, that has been taking place in the even semester of every academic year. It is a center stage event that has plays from any of the three languages – English, Hindi and Kannada

The event takes place over a span of Two Days.

Day 1 comprises of Intra-Collegiate Coliseum, where we have plays directed and performed by the students of RVCE. Coliseum does not limit its actors only to the members of CARV, but lay out the opportunity to all students, of every year.

Coliseum 2020 showcases four beautiful plays by our debutante directors

Day 2 welcomes theatre clubs from all overt the country participate to win the acclaimed position of Champions. With great performances and a stellar panel of judges, Coliseum has cemented itself as a premium theatre event. Our judges are well established artists and producers from the theatre circuit, thus making our event the best place to gain exposure to theatre at a professional level. Combine that with a cash pool of upto ₹60,000 and you get the most anticipated event of any academic year!

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